Take control of your meetings with MuteDeck. Check and control your status on Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Google Meet, or Cisco Webex; quickly mute or unmute, toggle your webcam, start sharing, leave the meeting, and more.

MuteDeck runs on Windows, macOS, and detects the status of conference call software. Currently, Zoom, Teams, Google Meet, and Webex are supported (with more to come). However! If MuteDeck does not recognize your conference call software, it controls the system mute. That means you can use it for any and all types of software! 🤯

After installing this plugin, get the MuteDeck application from mutedeck.com/downloads

What's New Version 3.0: lightning fast button updates with a direct connection to MuteDeck.

Operating System

Windows, macOS

Optimized for

Loupedeck Live

Loupedeck Live

Loupedeck CT

Loupedeck CT



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